Colonic Hydrotherapy

This is also called colonics and very simply it removes toxins and waste that has collected in the colon by introduction of warm water through the rectum. The water cleans the colon by flowing into the colon, and flushing back out, carrying waste and toxins with it. Colonic hydrotherapy is the only therapy proven to eliminate toxic residue that has borrowed itself into the internal walls of the colon. Colonic hydrotherapy works bests when combined with treatments from a Doctor of Naturopathic medicine (ND).

A few interesting facts:

  • Over 75% of our immune system is impacted by the colon
  • Average person’s colon can hold 8 to 25 lbs of fecal matter for years even decades
  • When John Wayne died from colon cancer, it was found that he had 60-80 lbs of undigested material causing a massive intestinal blockage

Benefits of a Colon Cleanse

  • Improves overall digestive function an energy
  • Decreases constipation
  • Reduces/eliminates gas, bloating and IRS
  • Helps with acne and psoriasis
  • Eases allergy, asthma and GERD (Acid Reflux) symptoms
  • Helps eliminate Parasites and Candida
  • An alternative treatment for Colonoscopy preparation
  • Aids with healthy weight loss
  • Eliminates/eases headaches and migraines
  • May help to relieve back and joint pain
  • And many, many more….

Treating the Root of the Problem NOT the Symptoms

The colonic treatments are provided by a specially trained and certified colon cleanse specialist. By personalizing your treatment plan and always providing one-on-one hands on care, we ensure to provide each and every individual with the best, long-lasting results. To ensure that you receive the optimal treatments that will be most beneficial to your individual needs, book your FREE CONSULTATION and speak to our colon specialist and the Doctor Naturopath today!